Pilates in Boca

All privates and duets at Pilates Rx in Boca Raton are conducted on Gratz equipment, as originally designed by Joseph Pilates. Individualized workouts may be done on a multitude of Pilates apparatus, including the universal reformer, Cadillac, wunda chair, foot corrector, electric chair, ladder barrel, arm chair, spine corrector, pedipole, toe corrector, small barrel, and wrist corrector.

We know that health and travel issues impact workout schedules, but consistency is the key to success. We suggest committing to at least two Pilates sessions per week, eight sessions per month. Clients purchasing eight packs are able to reschedule one session per month without penalty, carrying the session over to the next month if necessary.

All Pilates sessions at Pilates Rx in Boca Raton are 55 minutes in length. Any packages purchased must be used within 30 days, according to the regulations of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.


Pilates Privates

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Pilates Duets

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